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Planete Internet: Jerome wants a su

Subject: Planete Internet: Jerome wants a survey

Re:Jerome want a survey:Planete Internet.
I received following request, asking a few questions from a french
journalist. I have promised to answer his questions. Before a reply,
however, I should like to know a fair amount of description about
the Magazine -Planete Internet - from our reg.burma@ readers. Did
anybody saw that magazine ? I would postpone my reply until I get
an information from somebody. Regards, U Ne Oo.
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Subject: French Magazine Interview / Net and Human Rights
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Hello Sir,

I'm a free-lance reporter writing for a French magazine, Planete Internet.
I'm conductiong a survey about the use of the Internbet as an arm for
promoting freedom and Human Rights. I saw that you posted on the group
soc.rights.human several well documented reports on Burma's situation.
Could you answer few questions ?
- I suppose that it is an individual action? Could you tell me how old are
you and what is your occupation in Australia (of course, you're allowed not
to respond -- this is not a police investigation :-)
- What do you think of the power of the Net? Do you think it could, as the
international media coverage in 1989 in China led to the uprising -- and
the slaughter --, be an effective counter power in your country?
- Do you know what is the situation regarding network communications and
connections in your country? Did the SLORC already take position regarding
the use of the Internet?
- Do you have some email contact in Burma, regarding human rights
movements? And abroad, in the US or Thailand for instance (I think of the
Coalition for Corporate Withdrawal from Burma -- France's Total oil company
is very active)?

Every useful infos would be valuable. Please make me sure what is your name
and your surname (Jerome is my surname :-)

Very sincerely,

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Jerome Thorel                                           <thorel@xxxxxxx>
Journaliste / Free-lance reporter               76 r Ph. de Girard F-75018 Paris
Carte de presse / ID Presscard: 72052   tel  331-40358010, fax-40370853