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SLORC joke fron the Net

>Dear Coban,

>Your jokes request - I have three, you've probably heard  them before, please
>repost them under your name if you use them:
>I prefer this one:

>Myo Nyunt, Rangoon Commander, and well-known brain with a 4th standard
>education, is making an inspection tour of the Dagon Ice and Drinks Factory.
>He stops in front of the pH7 mineral water bottling plant.  "What's this?" he
>asks.  "Ah", says the "responsible official", "this is the bottling factory for
>our pH7 mineral water.  We have recently doubled production to 100,000 bottles
>per year". The general is visibly impressed. "Keep it up!" he exhorts them.
>"If you strive to increase production, next year you should make pH8, and before
>long pH10".