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request for jokes (r)

Here's a joke about Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia.  

It's said he was to visit a remote part of the country in a chartered
4-seater aircraft.  It was planned for him to be travelling with the pilot
and one other passenger - a priest.  

While waiting to depart, Bob began to talk to a backpacker whose flight had
been cancelled because of a defective plane.  Bob insisted that the
traveller accompany them since there was an empty seat in his plane.  

After flying for an hour, the pilot reported to his passengers that they had
engine trouble.  

He grabbed a parachute from the corner as he told them how important it was
that he should report all the details of the incident to the authorities he
strapped it on and as he jumped said "I only put three of these aboard".  

Bob Hawke heard this and grabbed another explaining as he did that he was a
Rhodes Scholar and the world's greatest prime minister and that his life
must be saved.  He jumped.

The old priest turned to the backpacker and said "Your life is still before
you, my son.  You have the last parachute".

"Don't worry, Father" said the backpacker, "you don't have to die.  The
world's greatest prime minister just jumped out of the plane wearing my

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