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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Day

Dear Ken and Visahka,

Thanks for your comments regarding Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Day. Your quick
reply and strong support is encouraging. I hope others on this network
feel the same, and will take similar actions. 

The reason I chose July 20, rather than her birthday (June 19), is 
because the day of her legally required release is very significant. 
Also, it gives us an extra month to organize, and hopefully show a 
greater response when the time comes.  

But I am certainly willing to make it June 19, if others feel the same
way. The important thing is to come to agreement quickly, and start to 
take action.

Everyone can write letters, true enough. However, being unemployed, I have
no letterhead. Groups such as NCGUB, ABSDF, and foreign NGO'S will have
more impact, as they represent larger numbers of people. Lacking a
response from these folks, I grew discouraged. Perhaps you will have
better luck in organizing others. 

Certainly letters to government officials and the UN. T-shirts and buttons
are great. Also, anyone who can organize music concerts-- always a good
morale booster, and highly visible. Also, letters to local newspapers,
contacts with radio talk show hosts, and TV shows (if possible), are good
for publicity. Newspaper advertisements are very effective, if anyone has
the money for that. 

I can do a few of these things here on my own, but this needs to be a 
world-wide, coordinated effort. So organizations like yours must get 
behind it.

As for the credit, please spare me the light of publicity. Shine it 
instead on the lady who deserves it by her constant determination and 
unswerving love of her country.

I also want to thank you for the timely and compelling postings to the
BurmaNet by the Burmese Relief Center. Your good works are a service to
the truth, and all the world benefits from the telling of the truth.  As I
am sure you already understand, your reward is inherent in your action,
you don't really need the praise, right?