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Burmese Relief Center--Japan
DATE:May 13, 1995

Re John Morton <john@xxxxxxxxxx>'s good idea 

Dear John,

We entirely agree that we need a Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Day. 
We'd like to propose to all and sundry that our attention focus
on her birthday, June 19th.  This birthday will be her 50th,
which seems a significant date in anyone's life, and all the
more for her still under house arrest, separated from family,
friends, and collegues.  

Rather than grumble that everyone likes your idea, but no one
has actually done
anything to promote it, why not promote it yourself?  We'll be
glad to join and lend whatever coordination and teamwork we
can to your efforts (with all credit to you for the great idea!) 

Let's get busy and write to the UN Secretary General,
President of the US, PM of Japan, PM of Thailand, etc. etc. (on
letterhead, of course),  get various organizations in different
countries to 
approach local and national governments/legislatures to drum
up official support, organize concerts, etc.  We have made
great Free Aung San Suu Kyi -- Free Burma campaign buttons
(many sold, but a couple hundred are left), and we've made T-shirts already.  
We started a chain letter back in March of
1992 and it is still going strong.  We certainly agree with you
that we need to focus on DASSK because "She is, after all, 
our best-known asset in fighting the SLORC."

Let's keep the good ideas and cooperation going (and the

May you be well, peaceful and happy.  

With metta,

Ken and Visakha