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Shu Maung: When is he going to croa

Subject: Shu Maung: When is he going to croak?

To SLORC-ers...

What is the deal with your godfather Shu Maung continuing usage his
pseudonym, Ne Win. It was all mystic, heroic and perhaps even cute during
WWII but has someone told him the war is over 40 years ago? Aung
San became Aung San after being TayZa and other "Comrads" also reverted
to their original birthname except Shu Maung. Someone ought to tell
him the the show is over. Brilliant Sun has gone supernova and became
a huge blackhole of Burma sucking down life and liberty.  I don't
think there is a burmese word for Blackhole. 

Perhaps it is time to give Khin Nyunt a pseudonym also. Please submit
your thought so that we can make up another top-10 list. Since his
goddaddy has a pseudonym "Ne Win", the Brilliant Sun, perhaps, Khin
Nyunt can have a pseudonym of "Blackhole"; I rather call him A-hole