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SLORC's seduction to the Darkside

I recently talked to friends in Washington DC and learned that some of
burmese activists friends has been seduced by the Darkside to work
with/for them. eg: trying to secure UNDP fund.  This woman who lives in
New York had extensively worked with ABSDF on the border during the trying 
days of 87/88/89.

Also, another burmese activist in Japan named Baniar (sp?), long-time 
suspected mole, has returned to Burma. No wonder, burma is under the 
military boot.

Remember: In SLORC's universe, 2 + 2 = 5, election winners are jailed,
	  currentcy in printed in funky denominations, lies and truths,
	  truths are suppressed, students are shot. Also, you don't need
	  no education to be a member of SLORC (State Lunacy of Repression

	  Gee -- I ought to make up another top-10 list.