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Auto-reply mail program deluge

Greetings, Mr. Colville:

Readers of the BurmaNet mailing list have been informed,
literally dozens of times since the weekend, that Ruth Marshall
is out of the office Monday to Wednesday.  A sample message
generated by an auto-reply mailer follows:

>Date: 07 May 1995 22:57:58
>Reply-To: Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>From: MARSHALR@xxxxxxxx
>X-Gateway: conf2mail@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Errors-To: owner-burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Precedence: bulk
>Lines: 5
>From: Ruth Marshall <MARSHALR@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject:  Re: BurmaNet News 5th May #165 -Reply -Reply -Reply
>Sorry, but I'll be out of the office Monday through Wednesday. If your message is urgent, please copy it to COLVILLE. If not, I will see it Thursday morning. Thanks. 

Notice the multiple `-Reply' markers, which have been generated
when Ruth's auto-reply goes to the list.  Since she is a member
of the list, she is automatically mailed back her own reply, to
which her auto-reply mailer again generates a response.  Someone
has not set up the auto-reply mailer correctly.  (It shouldn't be
set up to respond to mailing list messages in any case, only to
personal mail.)

Please pass this message on to your system administrator, as I'm
sure that members of the BurmaNet mailing list, Ruth included, do
not wish to experience another two days of these many messages.
I'm sending this to you, Mr. Colville, because Ruth has listed
your name as a contact in the auto-reply message.

Many thanks for you help, and sorry to bother you,

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