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Buddhist Peace Fellowship Events

Engaged Buddhist Views of Cambodia, Thailand & the Burmese Border:
Slides and Discussion with Sue Moon & Alan Senauke 
at the Berkeley Zen Center, 1933 Russell St., Berkeley
Sunday, May 21, 7:30 pm 
In late February Turning Wheel editor Sue Moon and BPF National 
Coordinator Alan Senauke represented BPF at the annual International 
Network of Engaged Buddhists conference in Thailand. Along the way Sue 
travelled to Cambodia, meeting with monks, nuns and lay people working 
to heal a wounded nation. Together, Alan and Sue visited the Mon region 
of the Thai/Burma border, where BPF has supported medical aid for 
displaced Burmese. Join them while the images are still sharp.  
Donations towards medical aid for Burmese refugees will be gratefully 
accepted. The need is urgent.
Sulak Sivaraksa at Berkeley Zen Center, 1933 Russell St., Berkeley
Monday, June 12, 7:30 pm
Sulak Sivaraksa is the author of Seeds of Peace, founder of the 
International Network of Engaged Buddhists, and an International 
Advisory Board Member of Buddhist Peace Fellowship. He was Chair of the 
Asian Cultural Forum on Development, and has been a visiting Professor 
at UC Berkeley, University of Hawaii, Cornell, and Swarthmore. The 
Criminal Court of Thailand recently acquitted Sulak of the charges of 
lese majeste and defamation that were brought against him by the 
military-backed Suchinda government in 1992. Donations towards INEB 
will be gratefully accepted.