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Subject: Re: Hello -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply

I think this message has annoyed most of us as it has been flooding our 
email boxes for days. But please don't complain here on the list. Instead 
send this awfull Ruth Marshall a personal email with your complaint, that 
way we can avoid even more flooding. 
Thanks !!


On 8 May 1995 cameronb@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: cameronb@xxxxxxxxxxx (Cameron Beatty)
> Subject: Re: Hello -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply
> >From: Ruth Marshall <MARSHALR@xxxxxxxx>
> >Subject:  Hello -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply
> >
> >Sorry, but I'll be out of the office Monday through Wednesday. If your
> >message is urgent, please copy it to COLVILLE. If not, I will see it
> >Thursday morning. Thanks.
> AARRRGHHHH!!  Somebody make her stop.  Please!!  Pull her plug or
> something.  Don't make us wait until Thursday!  What if, God forbid,
> something should happen and she *can't* get back to the office?!
> Opleeze,opleeze, ohmigodican'ttakeitanymore!