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Please Sign and Mail Appeal for San (r)

Subject: Please sign and mail Appeal for San Naing  (a) Ye Thi Ha

Dear Netters (who supports Democracy for Burma), 

	Please  sign and  mail the Apeal letter for San Naing (a) Ye Thi 
Ha to Burma Student League India which is spearheading this  

Thanks in advance, 
		Ye Myint (1988-89 Demolition Training Camp  of   Code-Name 
Joe & Sam)

	Mr. San Naing (a) Ye Thi Ha 

	Mr. San Naing, a former Burmese student, was   involved in the 
hijacking of a  Burmese Air-liner from  Burma to  Sattahip in Thailand 
with no intention of any violence, but just to draw international 
attention to the sorry state of Burmese people's struggle for 
Democracy. No violence or mistreatment of  the passengers was involved 
- which was testified by the passengers themselves. Even most of the 
passengers were impressed by their politeness and  became sympathetic 
to their cause. After securing  a promise from the Thai Deputy Prime 
Minister that  a press conference will be arranged to speak out their 
grievances,  all the passengers were peacefully released and two 
student-hijackers, one of  who is Mr. San Naing, gave themselves up to 
the Thai authorities and agreed to be judged  under the premises of   
Thai laws. Eventually , together with his  friend, Mr. San Naing w
as sentenced to 12 years' jail term for the hijacking - a sentence 
which was drastically reduced down to about three years due to their 
impressive integrity while under detention.

	Mr. San Naing was released in Thailand , but re-arrested  by Thai 
authorities in November 1993 with an allegation of illegal possession 
of explosives which, it was alleged,  he planned to make use of inside 
Burma against the notorious SLORC ( the most repressive regime  in the 
world called State Law And Order Restoration Council comprised of  the 
Burmese generals who committed massive in 1988 popular uprising).

	Following his arrest, the First Military Commander of  Thailand 
called his arrest " a demonstration of Thailand's sincerity towards the 
(illegitimate) SLORC dictatorial military regime of  Burma.
	Thai military officers have been enjoying  privileged business  
opportunities  in Burma through the close ties with Burma's military 
regime. It has been universally known that the military powers in 
Thailand are applying  every possible  pressure on Burmese political 
dissidents  to secure lucrative business contracts with  Burma such as  
extracting enterprises of Burma's natural resources.
	It is absolutely possible Mr. San Naing was set up by the Thai 
authorities and made use of at the request of the SLORC so that his 
efforts to fight for Democracy for Burma will be completely neutralized 
 by  keeping him in chains. Eventually, Mr. San Naing was unfairly 
sentenced to 5 years and 4 months'  jail-term without parole in 1994 by 
 Thai authorities for the unfounded allegation mentioned above. 


	Letter  Of  Petition

To  :	Minister of Interior
	Royal Thai Government
	Bangkok, Thailand

	We, the undersigned, respectfully  deliver our heart-felt appeal 
to you for Mr. San Naing (a) Ye Thi Ha who is currently serving over 5 
years' jail term at the Bangkok Special Prison at Chetuchek. We would 
like to request your kind consideration for him to be transferred to  
the Special (Political) Detention Center at the Police Training Academy 
  at  Bangkhen.  This appeal is made on the basis of the fact that the 
alleged offense for which Mr. San Naing (a) Ye Thi Ha was convicted is 
solely motivated by political cause - to restore democracy in Burma - 
which is embraced  not only  by Mr. San Naing but also all the people 
in Burma. Clearly, the alleged offense was not motivated by any 
personal interest but for the good of the whole nation of Burma and out 
of the patriotic desire to put an end to the sufferings of the Burmese 
populace under the military boot. 

	We, therefore, respectfully appeal for your kind consideration  
for Mr. San Naing's transfer from the jail where he was put together 
with criminals to the Special Detention Center at Bangkhen Police 
Training Academy  so that his psychological  well-being and personal  
security are better upheld.
Yours respectfully, 

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