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Western envoys in Thailand to meet

Subject: Western envoys in Thailand to meet with UN

Western envoys in Thailand to meet with UN on Karen refugee crisis


    Singapore--May 3--Envoys in Bangkok with several Western nations  will
meet today with UN refugee officials on the plight of thousands  of Karen
refugees now holed up in Thailand next to the border with  Myanmar, the
British Broadcasting Corp. reported. 

The meeting also will involve officials from international aid
 organizations, the BBC said. 

The refugees--some 70,000--have fled Myanmar, but are being  threatened by
attack from another Karen faction loyal to the Myanmar  government. 

The refugees have been told that unless they return to Myanmar  Friday they
will be attacked, while the Thai army has been ordered to  retaliate against
any incursions. 

Earlier, in a Deutsche Press-Agentur report, Captain Tu Na, the  commander of
the pro-government Karen forces, said: "We have attacked  and razed the
camps. If we didn't do so then the refugees would not  return home." 

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