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Burma's Development under SLORC!

	I dedicate this artilce to our comrades who want to see Burma as a
developed country in the world at the hand of its citizens.

	What is the perspective of development in Burma? Recently I have read 
so many articles that turn out to be real development of Burma, such as tourism
account, buiness blomming opportunity for foreign companies, pepsi's decision
to stay in Burma. Such and such things crossfire my feeling being a citizen
of Burma. Is SLORC has true intention (say ta nar) to develop Burma for its
40+ nillion people?  What does SLORC's development plan going to mean for 
citizens of Burma? For all outsiders, if they are naive enough to distinguish 
politics and economics, politics and tourism industry ,and politics and whatever
money making business, I warn that the coming generation of twenty first century
of the World is sick of hearing it.  
	People who believe money making business has nothing to do with 
politics of Burma are giving excuse themselves by saying "we do tourism, not
politics." This attitude to me is of such blood suckers of poor nation's natural
resources, and is attempting to commit economic coup. We all, the citizens of 
Burma, have to be very alarmed is that our country is getting on the edge of
the cliff of hell-canyon brought by SLORC. SLORC is getting attraction from 
economic-gays who are coward enough to compete at where much open and fairmarket
system exist. Their shameless cheap way of exploiting Burma's natural resources
and cheap labor is going to be recorded in the history of Burma as we all new 
generation is writing it.  We don't want to blame poor SLORC that has no any 
other way to get rid of the burden of atrocities of historical crimes that they
commited in twenty century human world. SLORC is ready to give whatever they 
can as far as they can still kill all dissidents and Burma's citizens.  What we
,including patriotic soldiers who truely love Burma and want to preserve the 
nation's identity, all have to be aware is that SLORC is not the whole Burma 
Army and it is the only power addicted crazy generals. Those general are 
abusing your love to Burma by selling the whole country to foreign coward 
businessmen. Those businessmen have no sense of human ethnic and understanding
of it. That is why they shamelessly dare to say "doing business has nothing to
do with politics" and "doing tourism, not politics. period." Such statement are
making me laughter to the Ph.D and Academic Certificates of those democratic 
citizens from outside Burma. Some faceless businessmen will say "we are 
creating jobs for native citizens, and developing Burma." We all know this will
be your next words.
	If Burma is going to be developed under SLORC, Burma is going to fall
into the hand of foreign investors. This development will be just like Thailand
where 85% of Thai people become the employees of foreign companies.  Among the
ten biggest company, according to BBC Burmese Section U Aung Myint Tun's
stastic, nine companies are own by the foreigners. Isn't that ashamed that your
cuntry's property is own by the foreign investors and you are employee of them
such as toilet cleaners, gatekeepers, and floor sweepers etc in your won 
country. I am sure it is not the economic plan of General Aung San who planned 
to democratize Burma. Nor that kind of development is the one that the citizens
of Burma who voted for NLD in 1990 want. 
	Therefore, to all blood suckers and SLORC followers, we all know what
your next steps are. Period.
	Tun Myint