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Constructive Engagememt is working!

Subject: Constructive Engagememt is working!!!

  >Burmese raiders kill 3 policemen 

  >Outraged Wimol says Army has lost its patience
  >4.5.95/The Nation 

  >Three policemen were killed early yesterday morning in a gunfight
  >with heavily armed Burmese ethnic troops who crossed the border
  >into Mae Hone Son in the latest and most violent rampage yet on
  >Thai soil.

  >Police and Thai officials suspected that the intruders were
  >members of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army [DKBA], a splinter
  >minority Karen group reportedly backed by Rangoon.

"Constructive Engagment" is paying off ... isn't it? That's what
you get when you deal with a group of people who like to shoot
their youngs. Dirty Harry would ask, "Do you feel lucky?"...