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BurmaNet News 12th April #145 (r)

May I again express my opposition to the attempts to belittle the attempts
of Khun Sa and the Mong Tai Army to fight for Tai independence and against
SLORC. The MTA is now the only effective military opposition to SLORC and
is being undermined by the US-led campaign to brand him as only a drug
trafficker. The drug problem in the United States may be horrific but it is
ridiculous to blame it on Khun sa and opium growers in Shan state. The USA
answer must be in sensible internal policies which will cut at the profits
of their own traffickers. Khun Sa's opium revenues may now be the only
barrier against the complete victory of odious SLORC. 

If the opium trade is necessary for the freedom of Burma, I think we should
at least refrain from attacking the only force that is still actively
fighting for this freedom.

Gehan Wijeyewardene gew400@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx