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FutureWork and Burma........ (r)

>From:	PO2::"shaka@xxxxxxxxxx" "Robert W. Jones"  2-APR-1995 21:38:11.54
To:	Tun Myint <TMYINT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subj:	Re: FutureWork and Burma......

Tun Myint,
The problems that concerns both you and Burma also concerns me as a
matter of social policy (that includes government) and not just one of
economics. I wished I had some solutions from land reform to the reform
of the total superstructure...and it would appear that after demoracy is
restored to your country much of the future is or will be determined by
the G7 for credit and investment and that may not help the masses for a 
long time to come both in real economic and political terms. In China, 
Vietnam and South Africa the only people who are making the money are 
former or those with ties to Party people, members of the military and 
No, I am not a cynic but a realist
With deep Christian love,
Robert Jones