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FutureWork and Burma

>From:	PO3::"pwint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "Htun"  3-APR-1995 15:04:32.00
To:	TMYINT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subj:	Re: FutureWork and Burma......
>> People who do not
>> participate in revolution just focus on their daily lives and improvement of
>> their living without considering fair or unfair way of making money. Mostly
>> those kind of people are foreign immigrants such as Indians and Chinese. 
>You know, this is not necessarily true. My grandparents are Chinese, but 
>my mother almost got shot saving some students' lives. My mother worked 
>at the Thai-Burmese border with the student groups, and our family is 
>totally devoted to Burma. I know many other "chinese immigrants"  
>who are as devoted for the country as "Burmese", if not more.  
Dear Pwint:
	As I expected such point can be made in my posting, I am ready to say I
don't mean to single out such honorable citizens. I am trying to find the way
that can help Burma-born deserved citizens to get justice and fair share of
life in Burma. There are also some Burmese especially who are imbued and
satisfied with SLORC ideology say "I cannot take care of my aunt's cows, being
eating my own rice" as Burmese saying goes. It is very certain that we have to
face the problems such that there are many Chinese in Mandalay and northern
Burma who took the opportunity by cooperating SLORC. They have been buying
almost the whole part of Mandaly. They are just opportunity-takers. We have to,
including Burmese citizens like you, have to think that it cannot be tolerated
in terms of justice.
	I think you have misinterpreted upon my lack of more clear explanation.
I cannot personally let Burmese(100%), who are military elites and its followers
getting and collecting property, have as they are just because they are Burmese
too. They all have to face the future policy or laws of democratic Burma. I am
trying to find what sort of policy, and laws can help to settle justice in
Burma in order to help all deserved Burmese.
	Tun Myint