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To  : reg.burma-list, HRNet subscribers
Date: 22 February 1995

Dear Friends:

RE: Letter to the U.N. Security Council

I've  sent  following  letter  to some members of the U.N. Security
Council. Please make your efforts  in  writing  to  these  Security
Council  members.  It  will  also  be  helpful to write to your own
countries representatives at the U.N. and the Minister for  Foreign

About U.N. Security Council
The  Security  Council  has fifteen members: five permanent and ten
electet by UNGA. The five permanent members  of  the  Council  are:
China,  France,  the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the
United States. The ten elected members  for  1995  are:  Argentina,
Botswana,  Czech  Republic,  Germany,  Honduras,  Indonesia, Italy,
Nigeria, Oman and Rwanda.
        The U.N. Security Council can authorize the  deployment  of
Peace-keepers, can impose economic sanctions and international arms
embargoes, can  demand  the  conclusion of a  cease-fire  and  also
can create so called 'safe areas' for the refugees.

Most of the representative seems to have one address, the help have
been   sought   from   Burma  Peace  Foundation  for  comprehensive
addresses; and to send to  reg.burma.  In  the  mean  time  I  have
following addresses:

H.E. Rob Vaughn Fen             !  H.E. Richard W Butlar AM
UK mission to the U.N.          !  Australian mission to the U.N.
885 Second Avenue, 28th Floor   !  885 Second Avenue
New York NY 10017-2201          !  New York NY 10017-2201
United States of America        !  United States of America
H.E. Ulla Stra m                !  Eric Schwartz
Swedish mission to the U.N.     !  National Security Council
885 Second Avenue               !  White House
New York NY 10017-2201          !  Washington  DC 20506
United States of America        !  United States of America


FROM:   Dr  U Ne Oo
	48/2 Ayliffes Road
	St. Marys SA 5042 

\date{February 20, 1995.}

Your Excellency:

RE:  The  U.N. Security  Council  Action on the Government of Myanmar

As a Burmese refugee in Australia, I would like  to call
U.N. Security Council's attention, through Your Excellency's
office, to the   Military  Government  of Myanmar's non-compliance 
to  the United  Nations  General  Assembly  resolution 49/197.
The Military Government of Myanmar's  violations of human rights
of  Burmese  citizens  in recent years  have  created  continuous
outflows  of refugees and displaced people inside and outside of 
Myanmar. In  particular,  the Myanmar military government's recent 
offensive on the opposition camps at Manerplaw has created an 
outflows of 10,000 refugees into Thailand. In this regard, I have 
also enclosed  the  letter  to  U.N. Secretary-General for your 

There have been the outflows of refugees  and  displaced  people  to
Myanmar's neighbouring countries, in particular Thailand, since the
Burmese  military  seize  state power in 1988. Continuing government's
 repressions upon political dissidents and minorities, in the period
that followed the 27-May-1990  election - of which the military authorities
still refused to honour, have produced further exodus of refugees and 
displaced people. Despite the appeals by international community to solve
its  human  rights  and  political  problems  through dialogues and
through reconciliations, particularly at the 1994 United Nations General
Assembly, the Burmese military have launched  a renewed offensive  on
the oppositions in December 1994.

Military  Government  of  Myanmar's  failure  to reconcile with the
civilian opposition and ethnic  minorities  amounts  to  delays  in
solving   the   Burma's   refugee  and  displaced  people  problem.
Because  of the Government's  over-spending  on military, the people 
of Burma are experiencing the extreme poverty and  having to face 
with an egregious humanitarian situation. I wish to appeal the U.N.  
Security Council  to  urgently rectify  these  situations in Burma 
so that a speedy improvement to human rights / humanitarian condition 
can be made.

Thank you for your attention to Burma  and  your kind consideration 
given to the Burmese people. We, Burmese people, are in the great hope  
that  you  will  consider  our  requests favourably.

Yours faithfully and sincerely

( U NE OO)