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Requested info on Karen Refugee sit

Subject: Requested info on Karen Refugee situation

I am doing research on the Karen situation, specifically on the 
implications for Development and Relief work among the camps in 
Thailand.  I need up-to-date information on the situation at the border.  
1) the present number of refugees in the camps
2) the number of new refugees now in Thailand displaced in the last month 
or less, 3) Specifics on needs assessment data: eg. what the basic needs 
are for these new refugees, 4) If and how these needs are being met, and 
by whom, 5) Data on the sources of aid to these camps, eg. names of 
Consortiums, Relief Agencies, NGO's and others who are contributing,
and 6) Projected needs for the near future, including an estimate of the 
number of new refugees that are expected in the border area. 
Any outlines or data used in Aid proposals would be helpful as well.
	If anyone has information relating to any one of these areas please 
forward it on to me at  
or let me know where I can find this data.

Steve Nyirady