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Arrest Thais with fake moneymake

Burmese arrest two Thais with fake money-maker

    RANGOON, Oct 13 (Reuter) - Burmese authorities have arrested two alleged
confidence tricksters from Thailand and a Burmese accomplice who were trying
to peddle a machine they said could print counterfeit money, the Myanmar News
Agency reported on Thursday. 
    Military intelligence agents and local police arrested the two men from
northern Thailand and their alleged confederate in the Burmese border town of
Tachilek, in northeastern Shan state opposite Thailand. 
    The authorities found their machine was no more than an old repainted
duplicator, incapable of printing bank notes, the state-run news agency said.

    Action was being taken against the three, the news agency said, but gave
no details. 

Transmitted: 94-10-13 03:31:50 EDT