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Re: Suu Kyi

 >From: jrchien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 >Subject: Re:Suu Kyi
 >Date: 30 Sep 94 19:41:00 CDT

 >I agree with Coban Tun in that SLORC don't give a damn about international

SLORC don't give a damn, thanks to China, Thailand, other ASEAN nations and
various US companies (Unocal, Pepsi, Kodak,etc...), as long as they have money
to support 500,000-men army while burmese public and ethnic nationalities
suffer under the military boot.

 >pressure.  I also doubt the sincerity of SLORC.  Nonetheless, it will be a

They only pressure SLORC will response to is some kind of invasion by a
foreign power (hint: Haiti). If that occur, similar event will transpired
there -  burmese vs. burmese violence. It happened duing 1988 - public taking
over police stations, protests, beheading suspected MI agent, etc...
 >positive step toward democracry.  I commended both party for opening the talk.
 >We can't solve anything if we are not willing to sit down and talk.

 >I hope that this may be the turning point of Burma.

I ditto that...It will be a turning point if it was a genuine and sincere
dialouge rather than a monologue. Suu Maung (aka Ne Win) is still pulling
Khin Nyunt's strings. Without Suu Maung, Khin Nyunt is history.