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Burma visa

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Visa available in Bangkok for $19 (480 baht) 1 day wait, 30 day visa. Thai
airways and Myanmar Air Int'l both the same price, Thai is better. 
Myanmar Int'l is not part of Myanmar Air (internal).  All pilots are
Western, planes are maintained outside the country, main investor is a
Brunei group.  Street rate in Yangon is 110/1$ available in Scotch Market
for large bills.  You can get 105 from the guy at Tourist Burma opposite
Sule Pagoda, but he does this unofficially.  FEC is changed for about 3-5
kyat less.   There are travel restrictions in certain areas, but much of
this can be ignored if you can get someone to take you there or sell you a
ticket.  No entertainment in Yangon at night, but lots of very new and
clean guest houses and hotels.