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U.S. Asks Burma To Free L

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Subject : U.S. Asks Burma To Free Leader

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States should maintain diplomatic
and economic pressure on Burma until it releases pro-democracy
leader Aung San Suu Kyi and improves its human rights record, the
House said in a resolution Monday.
   The non-binding resolution also urged the State Department to
encourage members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to
link better relations with Burma to progress in human rights.
   The six-nation ASEAN for the first time has invited the foreign
minister of Burma to its annual meeting, currently being held in
   The resolution asks Burma's military leaders to release Suu Kyi,
winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize, from house arrest, transfer
power to the government elected in a 1990 vote, respect human
rights and cooperate more in drug eradication efforts.
   The House also passed by voice vote a resolution urging the
Clinton administration to actively encourage the restoration of
civil rule in Nigeria.
   It advises the administration to continue actions, such as
suspending foreign aid and military cooperation and prohibiting
entry into the U.S. by Nigerian officials, taken to display U.S.
opposition to military rule.
   Nigeria's military annulled elections held in June 1993 and has
subsequently suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations and arrested
human rights activists and political leaders.

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