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Miriam Marshall Segal's Version of

The following letter is sent today to Miriam Segal re. her House
intervention of last month.

Bruno Kahn
65 Boulevard Hippolyte Marques
Bat. D9		
94200 IVRY		
tel./fax: +33-1-49 60 68 13	

Miriam Marshall Segal
MMA International Limited
25 Central Park West
Suite 9K
New York, NY 10023
Ivry, July 18, 1994.

Dear Ms Segal,

I read with interest your intervention on Burma before the US's House
Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on June 29, as posted on the APC conference

I can quite well understand that it is your interest as a person involved
in business with the SLORC regime to mislead the Subcommittee with a number
of untruths, deliberately and in full knowledge of the fact. For this
reason I wouldn't bother to write this letter, especially as I undestand
your attempt failed rather pathetically, if it were not for a certain
legitimacy you claimed in your address.

You mention that you are a 'victim of the Holocaust', although you are not
specific on the way in which you were a victim. You go as far as saying
that "More so than many others, I know the pain of organized repression and
the value of freedom."

It is unconscionable to refer to this quality in the aim to better mislead
parliamentarians on the nature of a brutal military regime. I suppose I
also can call myself a 'victim of the Holocaust', having lost three members
of my family in Nazi concentration camps. As such, I feel personnally
offended. Beyond myself, however, it is a whole community of survivors and
children of survivors that you have insulted. You should be ashamed of
yourself and owe apologies to a number of people, the first being the
people of Burma who also "know the pain of organized repression and the
value of freedom."

I plan to take this matter to some Jewish organizations and individuals
committed to the defence of human rights.

Sincerely yours,

			Bruno KAHN