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Burma Mailing List

************************** BurmaNet **************************
"Appropriate Information Technologies, Practical Strategies"

This note is to confirm that you are subscribed to the reg.burma mailing 
list.  The reg.burma (region-Burma) list should be a fairly low-traffic 
list devoted exclusively to distributing information about events in 
Burma and affecting the peoples of Burma.  The initial list was compiled 
primarily from requests people have made for information about Burma.  
The content of reg.burma-list will be very close to that of the
soc.culture.burma newsgroup, so if you prefer to get information that 
way, please send me a note asking to unsubscribe.  (If you prefer not to 
get information about Burma at all, please do the same).

Reg.burma-list is unmoderated.  To post, send e-mail to 

To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a note to strider@xxxxxxxxxxx