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SLORC baits U.S (r)

>     ``We've begun to hurt him,'' said Lt. Col. Kyaw Thein, a
>  spokesman for the Burmese junta's anti-narcotics program. ``If we
>  can, we would like to destroy Khun Sa's army and wipe it off the
>  map.''

Just like they want to do to other ethnic minorities... It is SLORC who
ought to be wipe it off the map!!!

>  refused to turn over power to the elected legislature.
>     ``We alone cannot do this job,'' Kyaw Thein said of the drug
>  war. ``If the U.S. really wants Khun Sa to be wiped out of this
>  area, the first thing they will need to do is help us with arms and
>  ammunition. We cannot buy any of that sort of thing.''
>     Since 1990, the Burmese army has received a trove of weapons,
>  worth an estimated $1 billion, from China, the country's closest
>  ally. But Burmese officials say the Chinese-made arsenal of jet
>  fighters, ships, and tanks is of no use in the mountainous terrain
>  controlled by Khun Sa. ``What we need from America are helicopters
>  and smaller arms, which we can use in the mountains,'' a military
>  officer said.

Last time, U.S gave them helicopters, back in the early eighties if my
memory served me correctly, they used the helicopters against the minorites. 
Will they keep their words this time? Hell, they can't even keeps their words
on a election they lost on a landslides.

What they want to do is to attack Manerplaw the base of democratic forces
which surrounds by 3 mountains at the junction of Salween and Moi river.