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SLORC note to Grandidier - 5/27/94

The following message contains language deemed unfit for broadcast by
the FCC; however, in the interest of an informed dialogue, I hope it 
won't be censored here.
On May 27, 1994, Frenchman Thierry Grandidier stood in downtown Rangoon 
and unfurled a banner that read "RELEASE AUNG SAN SUU KYI".  Hundreds of
people gathered to see.  He held it open for 15 minutes before some 
undercover military intelligence agents snatched it from him.  He then 
walked toward the safety of the nearby U.S. Embassy, and the crowd 
followed him - until they were cut off by soldiers, who promptly slapped
handcuffs on 7 of the onlookers and spirited them away in a military 
truck to become SLORC's 7 newest prisoners of conscience (and while 
their arrest went undocumented, SLORC will no doubt be congratulated 
internationally whenever, if ever, it decides to release them).

Thierry was not arrested.  But later as he sat on the first available
plane about to leave Rangoon, a military intelligence agent boarded,
took his photo and handed him a letter from SLORC.  A photocopy of that
letter is attached.  Note that for all the SLORC "knows" about him,
they couldn't spell his name properly, and as for the language... well,
if that's SLORC's response to the statement "Release Aung san Suu Kyi",
then I guess they'll also have to send similar letters to most of the 
world's governments and the UN.  We can only hope that some day soon
everyone in Burma will have their chance to send a similar letter back
to SLORC...

This little candid portrait of SLORC provided courtesy of M. Thierry 
Grandidier and the Karen Human Rights Group.
[Note: This is a reproduction of a FAX I received with the above cover
letter.  The second page consisted of following note, below which was a
copy of the Air Mail envelope in which it was delivered to Mr. 
Grandidier.  It is addressed simply to "Mr. Thieriy Granditiers" [sic]:]

We know who you are, where you come from.

We know what you have done, where you have gone, 

and where you have contacted.

But we don't want to arrest you because you are not 

worthing even one cent.

	Good- bye you mother FUCKER.

[I'm certain Mr. Grandidier and the Karen Human Rights Group would 
encourage you to use this how ever you see fit -- 
Sincerely, David Wolfberg, L.A. Rainforest Action Project]