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Congress Plans Burma Censure (fwd) (r)

Subject: Re: Congress Plans Burma Censure (fwd)

>        WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress moved Wednesday toward yet another
>censure of the military rulers in Burma, as the Clinton
>administration decried increased reluctance among other countries
>to oppose ``one of the world's worst violators of human rights.''
>        The Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House
>subcommittee on Asia both passed resolutions calling for the
>immediate release of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who
>is under house arrest. Congress is expected to adopt the measures
>by July 19, the fifth anniversary of the opposition leader's
>incarceration by Burma's military rulers.
>        But U.S. officials are complaining of a lack of cooperation,
>particularly among Burma's Asian neighbors, in efforts to persuade
>Burma's rulers to accept the results of a 1990 election which Mrs.
>Suu Kyi's party won.

Apart from outright disregard for human rights by Asian neighbors in their own
countries, why would Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc... give up
cheap source of labor, cheap source of women ( in form of sex slave ) ,
cheap source of teak, oil, and other minerals. Money is too green and sweet
to give up.