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Tourism in Burma (fwd) (r)

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           tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Coban Tun" writes:

> Can any of you out there help me withg positions papers or background
> concerning the issue of tourism in Burma. I've been asked by a major
> adventure travel company to make a documented case advising against
> tourism.  Are there statements or papers on this from NCGUB, ABSDF,
> some of the ethnic groups and other coalitions?  
> My own feeling is that this is a very different case than Tibet, where
> the government in exile encourages informed tourism to witness the 
> destruction of a culture.  I don't think tourists under strict protocols
> and watchful eyes would get very much of a sense of the crisis in Burma.

Which "watchful eyes". Dont think that Burma's "government" keeps a close
eye on the movements of visitors (unlike say Vietnam). They are jolly keen to
see you stay in their hotels (ie they get the kalashni-cash) but otherwise
things are just too disorganised. There were regions that I believe tourists
were ill advised to visit (more out of danger than secrecy). Hell, the
place oozed oppression from every pore. People in this news group talk as
if its all covered up. I saw loads of gun pointing soldiers in Kalaw, where
there has been ethnic cleansing, murders, rapes, forced labour, etc. If the MTT
(Tourist Burma) think they can smooth over the cracks all I can say is: get a
life! Besides there is almost zero infrastructure. Even if Aung San Suu Kyi
was to celebrate her next birthday in power, it would take years to rebuild
the damage.

Now oodles of folk reading this will say: why go then? Good point. Its like
paying Hitler $300 to witness the death camps. Well perhaps. But to see 
and to hear first hand is quite different  from reading Bankok Post articles.
I'll leave that as the hot point.

As far as "adventure travel company" tours go, may I suggest India;-)

     (O O)
             Mike Edie  Mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx