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Tourism in Burma (fwd)

/* Written  8:27 am  Jun 28, 1994 by tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:soc.cult.burma */
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Subject: Tourism in Burma?

/* Written 12:43 am  Jun 27, 1994 by bpf@xxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
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Can any of you out there help me withg positions papers or background
concerning the issue of tourism in Burma. I've been asked by a major
adventure travel company to make a documented case advising against
tourism.  Are there statements or papers on this from NCGUB, ABSDF,
some of the ethnic groups and other coalitions?  

My own feeling is that this is a very different case than Tibet, where
the government in exile encourages informed tourism to witness the 
destruction of a culture.  I don't think tourists under strict protocols
and watchful eyes would get very much of a sense of the crisis in Burma.
While ASEAN and other countries advocate a self-serving policy of
"constructive engagement," the plight of ethnic people, rural Burmans,
and democracy advocates has not improved at all.

At any rate, your help -- as soon as possible -- might prevent an influx
 of western tourists, whose presence would bolster the regime.  Please feel 
free to post your responses here, or mail them directly to my address
above. Thanks.

Alan Senauke for Buddhist Peace Fellowship