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Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Subject: Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

/* Written  9:16 pm  Jan 30, 1994 by PMSCHUH@xxxxxxxx in igc:soc.cult.burma */
/* ---------- "Kyaiktiyo Pagoda" ---------- */
Does anybody have any information pertaining to the Kyaktiyo Pagoda?

I remember some fable about the pagoda in which some soldiers were trying to
push the pagoda over the cliff and they were all turned into monkeys.

Note: For those of you raising your eyebrows at this. Kyaktiyo Pagoda is
situated on a peak of ridge about twelve miles from Kyaikto. It is about 18
feet high, and is erected on a huge boulder which rests precariously on a
projecting tabular rock which itself is separated severl feet from the mountain
by a deep chasm. It is said to have been built during the lifetime of the
Bhuddha over a hair relic obtained by a hermit and treasured in his hair-knot
till he found a boudler resembling his head on which he could build a pagoda to
enshrine the sacred hair.

I have visited the pagoda and it really is set precariously on the rock.

Also, does anyone have any digitized pictures of Kyaktiyo Pagoda? (TGA, TIF or
GIF preferred, but I have enough utilities to convert about anything)