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Re: Burmese Novels

Subject: Re: Burmese Novels

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> I would be very interested to learn the authors and titles of novels by
> Burmese or about Burma - from any time period (as long as they are in
> English or German, the only languages I can read). So far I have only read
> "Golden Earth" by Norman Lewis and "Burmese Days" by George Orwell, but I
> would like to explore the literature further, especially some of the great
> classics of Burmese literature.

Okay, here's my personal library listing:


Historical Sites In Burma, Aung Thaw, Sarpay Beikman Press, 2 ed. 1978

	Describes historical sites in locations around Burma, delves into some
of the history. 

Purchased from: U Lun Mg and Mg Than Soe Brothers
		No. 219, Mingala Street, Block No. 13
		South Okklapa
		Greater Rangoon (Burma)


The Burman, His Life and Notions, Shway Yoe, W.W.Norton & Co., New York, 1963

	I have not read this one in a long while. Here's an excerpt from the

	Sir James George Scott (Shway Yoe) was born in 1851...  ...devoted 
his life to the British Civil Service... ...While in Burma he tought school and
wrote articles for both local and English newspapers.

	isbn: 0 393 00212 8


Burmese Timber Elephant, U Toke Gale, Trade Corporation (9), 1974

	This is an excellent book. I highly recommend it. It is NOT just a book
about elephants (but it is that too....). Plenty of amusing anecdotes on the
authors life and times working for a British Timber company during WWII
through his retirement in 1966.

	Publishers address:		Printers address:
	Trade Corporation (9)		Toppan Printing Co. (S) Pte. Ltd.
	550-552, Merchant Street	Box 22, Taman Jurong P.O.,
	Rangoon, Burma                  Jurong, Singapore 22


Insight Guide to Burma, Wilhelm Klein, Apa Productions (HK) Ltd., 1981

	Beautiful pictures of Burma. Excellent insight on the aspects of where
to go, how to get there, etc. But if you can't afford to visit, the pictures in
this book will at least show you some of the beauty of Burma, including some of
those 'Tourists Not Permitted' areas of Burma. Done over a period of three
years (since the author and the photographer were limited by the seven-day
tourist visas). ALSO is available in GERMAN. SO you can pick. I only have the
isbn numbers for the english version.

	isbn: 9971-925-08-7, softcover
	isbn: 9771-925-09-5, hardcover


Beginning Burmese, William Cornyn & D. Haigh Roop, New Haven & London, 1968

	If you want to learn the Burmese Language.

	Lib Congress: 66-21513


	Hope my list will help you.