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Ne Win in Singapore for treatment

Subject: Ne Win in Singapore for treatment

Ne Win in Singapore for treatment
January 25, 1994
Associated Press

  Burmese strongman Ne Win is in Singapore for minor medical
treatment, family sources said yesterday.  Ne Win, 84, flew to
Singapore last Friday with his family for dental and eye treatment,
but he remains in good health, sources said.  They spoke on
condition of anonymity.
  Ne Win hasn't been seen in public since an appearance at an armed
forces day exhibition in Rangoon in 1989.
  The Singapore was his first trip abroad since his retirement in
1988.  Some people have speculated that Ne Win retains power behind
the scenes.
  Lt  Gen Khin Nyunt, a top junta officer told Japanese journalists
on Jan. 17, "Ne Win's health is good except for minor complaints. 
He has completely retired from politics and is living a peaceful
life with his family.  You should see the difference how things are
being done under the junta and under Ne Win's regime, if you think
he is involved.
  The junta has been liberalizing the economy and has abandoned
some of the stricter aspect of Ne Win's socialism.