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The DAB (Bkk Nation) (fwd)

Subject: The DAB (Bkk Nation) (fwd)

The Nation (Bangkok)

The Democratic Alliance of Burma (DAB) was established in late
1988, at the zenith of the world attention on Burma's pro-democracy
uprisings, as a united platform of over 30 armed ethnic minorities
and Burmese students and exiled Burmese expatriates.  The Alliance
based itself at the Karen headquarters of Manerplaw on the bank of
the meandering Moei River, which serves as the natural borderline
with Thailand.

Through an all-out effort and intensive political campaign of
several of its members, the Alliance initially succeeded in
cultivating international support and recognition and had weathered
through political and military difficulties as a powerful and
effective counter force against the State Law and Order Restoration
Council (SLORC).

However, internal rows, imbalance of resources and divergent
political and military thinking and outlook eventually led to the
Alliance's disunity, a threat to the very survival of the broad
organization.  The Alliance structure also was weakened after some
of its ethnic members were expelled following their peace deals
with SLORC.

Currently, only 15 members are left in the DAB.  They are the All
Burma Student's Democratic Front, All Burma Muslim Union, All Burma
Young Monk Union, Arakan Liberation Party, Chin National Front,
Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma, Democratic Party
for the New Society, Karen National Union, National United Front of
Arakan, New Mon State Party, Overseas Karen Organization, Paluang
State Liberation Party, People;s Patriotic Party and the Wa
National Organization.