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Rape report of Karen Girl in Thaila

Subject: Rape report of Karen Girl in Thailand

Rape Report by Burmese girl
April 1993
Reported to Burma Rights Movement for Action, B.U.R.M.A. (now
renamed Burma Issues.

Name: Nan Mu Mu
Age: 15 years
Father's Name: U Kyaw Kyaw
Mother's Name: Daw Bauk Thein
Address: Ku Pa Laung village, Pa-an township, Karen state.

Brief story:
Nam Mu Mu is a Karen farm girl from a very poor family. The income
made from the farm is insufficient to cover the living costs for
all eight members of her family.  Thus, she and another friend left
for Mae Sod, Thailand on March 03, 1993 in search of work.  After
arriving in Maesod on March 9, she stayed three days with her aunt
in Mae Taw. After that, she got a job as maid at a house in Maesod
on 12 March 1993.  There was a wedding ceremony in the house and on
that night the house owner (an old woman) claimed that she lost
5,000 Baht.  The house owner and several other people searched Nan
Mu Mu's room but no evidence was found.  A second time the house
owner's daughter and son-in-law searched her room, and then they
claimed that they found 3,000 baht there.  They accused of her
stealing the money but she denied it. Subsequently the son-in-law
of the house owner slapped Nan Mu Mu. On the night of March 20, the
Thai police took Nan Mu Mu and tried to force her to confess by
slapping her in the police station.  Later the police told a prison
inmate to take Nam Mu Mu to the detention cell but at the corner
she was raped by the inmate and a Karen man named Pai Pyet.  Only
after that, along with four other female inmates and a number of
male inmates she was locked in a barred room. 

The next day, the son-in-law of the house owner came to the police
station to interrogate Nan Mu Mu but the amount of money he claimed
was stolen was more than that reported the first time.  This time
the man accused her of stealing 9,000 baht.  Four Thai policemen
whom she recognized came into the interrogation room and beat her
over the whole body every time she denied stealing the money.  On
the 26th of March, the police took Nan Mu Mu to court but nobody
said anything there.  The police ask bribe money of 1,000 Bath for
her release.  On the 4th of April a staff of B.U.R.M.A gave money
to the police and took her out of detention. 

Now she is staying at Hway Ka Loke refugee camp and said that she
would like to testify her case in court.