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Suu Kyi May Be Releleased in July

Subject: Suu Kyi May  Be Releleased in July (Bangkok Nation story)

The Nation (Bangkok)
January 18, 1994, Rangoon
Kyodo News Service

Burma's ruling military junta may release opposition leader Aung
San Suu Kyi, under house arrest since July 1989, in July this year,
one of the top-ranking junta leaders said yesterday.
  Khin Nyunt, first secretary of the State Law and Order
Restoration Council, told Japanese reporters that the legitimate
period of her house arrest will expire in July.  Burma's law limits
the period of house arrest to a maximum of five years.
  Suu Kyi, 49, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, led the National
League for Democracy to a landslide victory in the 1991 general
election but was denied the power to head the government.  After
the election the junta launched a campaign to neutralize the party,
whose members were jailed or fled to the jungles in fear.
  Suu Kyi, 49, has been held incommunicado in her family's heavily-
guarded home on the shore of Inya Lake since July 1989.  She has
refused to accept the junta's condition that she immediately leave
the country if released.
  The frail-looking daughter of independence hero Aung San returned
to Rangoon from England in 1988 to nurse her ailing mother, and
soon was swept up in mass demonstrations against three decades of
dictatorial rule.
  At present, Burmese are afraid to mention Suu Kyi's name in
public.  But most privately say she remains the symbol of their
struggle and still their hope.