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BKKPOST:Jan6 Fighting inside Burma

Subject: BKKPOST:Jan6 Fighting inside Burma

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Disclaimer: The article is from Bangkok Post, not poster's.
Fighting inside Burma `won't affect Thais'
FIGHTING between rival forces of Rangoon government troops and 
minority rebel forces of Khun Sa would have no effect on Thai 
people living along the Thai-Burmese border, according to Third 
Army Corps commander Panthep Phuwanartnuluck.
He gave his personal assurance that army rangers positioned in Mae 
Ai of Chiang Mai and Mae Chan of Chiang Rai would be ready to 
provide protection to the villagers if fighting spills into 
Lt-Gen Panthep yesterday inspected the preparation of rangers and 
listened to a briefing about the general situation at the Ban Rak 
Thai border base in Mae Chan District.
An official report said some 3,000 Muang Thai Army (MTA) soldiers 
of warlord Khun Sa based in Muang Kan opposite Mae Chan District 
are facing some 4,500 troops of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) 
near Doi Lang opposite Mae Ai District.
Fighting might erupt at any moment because the MTA wants to seize 
some parts of Muang Yon which is under the influence of the UWSA, 
the report said.
The report also said that several battalions of Burmese government 
soldiers heading for Muang Kan have stopped their advance because 
they believe that the MTA might attack Tachilek township opposite 
Mae Sai District.