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Burma (r)

Subject: Burma

/* Written 12:30 pm  Jan 30, 1994 by Gehan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:bitl.seasia */
/* ---------- "Burma" ---------- */
SEASIA-L readers may be interested in some recent news from Burma, which
does not seem to have been widely reported. My source is the Committee for
Restoration of Democracy in Burma (Australia) Inc.

Readers may know that the Karen National Union has followed the lead of the
Kachin Independence Organization and is engaged in talks with SLORC. It was
reported in mid-January that the KNU had invited Moe Thee Zun, (Chairman of
one of the factions of the All-Burma Students Democratic Front, which was
(is) in alliance with the KNU) and some other student leaders to Manerplaw
for talks. They were then put in detention.

Latest news is that they were released after 72 hours and Moe Thee Zun has
been heard from, from  Chiangmai. My source writes 'He did not seem to have
lost confidence in the Alliance but told us that some arms given to them by
the KNU had to be returned to them'.

My correspondent goes on to say, 'Meanwhile, the SLORC are proceeding with
their nefarious schemes and we have heard more disturbing news regarding
Aung San Suu Kyi, who was believed to have been moved from her University
Avenue home to an unknown location. We are, of course, following up the

Gehan Wijeyewardene
Anthropology, Research School of Pacific Studies