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SLORC attacks Karen

Subject: SLORC attacks Karen

/* Written 11:10 am  Dec 31, 1993 by MAWAD@xxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:bitl.seasia */
/* ---------- "SLORC attacks Karen" ---------- */
Press Release of the KNLA
      Manerplaw - Dec 30 1993
SLORC troops resume their offensive against the Karen National Union at
1300 hrs. on Dec. 29, 1993. Troops employed by SLORC are Nos. 319, 314 Light In
fantry Battalions and No. 227 Burma Regiment under the No.3 Tactical Command.
Fighting is still raging on fiercely. Casualties on both sides not yet known.
Happy New Year
May peace and justice for all of burma's peoples become manifest in 1994.
Now more than ever is the time to support the pro-democracy movement as it
continues to face intransigence from SLORC and new hostile Thai policies.
Send money, letters to the Thais, and pray for the end of neo-fascism in Burma.