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Strong earthquake hits Sino-Burma b

Subject: Strong earthquake hits Sino-Burma b

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	BEIJING (UPI) -- A strong early-morning earthquake jolted remote
northern Burma near the Chinese border Tuesday, causing little damage
and no casualties, Chinese officials said.
	The quake, which China's National Seismology Bureau said measured 6.5
on the open-ended Richter scale, struck 585 miles (940 kms) north of the
Burmese capital of Rangoon (Yangon) near the city of Myitkyina.
	The Royal Observatory in Hong Kong placed the quake at 6.0 on the
Richter scale, saying tremors started at 8:56 a.m. in Hong Kong (0056
	Violent tremors were felt by residents of China's Yunnan province, 20
miles from the epicenter, according to a provincial seismology bureau
	``Several counties in China felt the earthquake -- army barracks and a
cinema in the Chinese border region of Dehong have suffered cracks, but
as telecommunications in the area are poor, we are not yet clear about
the damages,'' the spokeswoman said by telephone from Yunnan.
	She said the province has already sent an investigation team to the
Chinese border area to discern if emergency relief would be needed.
	The tremor-prone border region has been the site of dozens of
earthquakes in the last several years. The last one occurred in August