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Re: SCR Charter

Subject: Re: SCR Charter

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:Subject: Re: SCB Charter
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In article <2gtg4s$cbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
R. Eakin <rte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>In article <2gt57v$7pp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>Julie Reimer <jdreimer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> It's my understanding that the rebels prefer the name Burma, as the 
>> name was changed to Myanmar by the repressive regime in Rangoon.
>Perhaps, but apparently internet prefers Myanmar.  At least the
>International Standard ISO 3166 country code is "MM" and internet sites
>in the country (if any) will be in the *.mm domain. 

:Presumably internet has to follow whatever the government in power
:wants.  Of course the chances of the of the current government letting
:in internet are somewere between zero and nil.

Even if the "government" in power come to be by arresting the winning party 
members, shooting men, women, childern and monks off the street, and keeping 
the Nobel Laurate Aung San Suu Kyi, under house arrest for five years? Not to
mentioned atrocities commited on the Thai-Burma border and on Rohingyas.
What a bunch of lovely guys...

Don't worry...What I hear from the border is that Shu Maung, aka, Ne
Win is on his last leg and his resident is practically a hospital.
So -  Khin Nyunt, aka, Four Khin Nyunt,  has his days numbered.