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voting times has come!!! please vot

Subject: voting times has come!!! please vot

/* Written  7:49 am  Dec  8, 1993 by tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.seasia */
/* ---------- "voting times has come!!! please vot" ---------- */
Subject: voting times has come!!! please vote for s.c.burma

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 00:38:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: soc.culture.burma VOTING BEGINS
To: Coban Tun <tun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

             >>>>****THE SOC.CULTURE.BURMA VOTE HAS BEGUN****<<<<

Greeting, All:

The Call For Votes for the creation of the newsgroup soc.culture.burma 
was issued on December 7th, 1993.  This vote will be particularly hard 
fought, because of the many people who will leave on vacations soon.  


A copy of the Call For Votes (CFV) follows.  The instructions for how to 
vote are included in the following message.

Voting is easy.  You send email to:


and you write:

			I vote YES on soc.culture.burma

That's all there is to it, please take the moment it takes to do this now. 

I won't know anything about the outcome of the vote until the results are 
posted in news.announce.newgroups, so please don't expect to hear any 
more from me about it until it's all over.

Please vote now.

Thanks, and Good Luck to SCB,
Brian Beker

                       FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (1st of 2)

Unmoderated group soc.culture.burma

Newsgroups line:
soc.culture.burma       Politics, culture, news, discussion about Burma

Votes must be recieved by 23:59 GMT, 2 January 1994.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  Voting questions
should be directed to Ed Bailey <bailey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.  For questions
about the proposed group, please contact the proposer, Brian Beker 


soc.culture.burma will be an unmoderated forum for the posting of any and
all news, opinion, discussion and information relating to any aspect of
Burmese politics, ethnicity, life, culture, religion, travel, society or 

It will be a forum in which diverse opinions and unfettered debate will be
encouraged, without regard to political, philosophical, religious or
personal bias. 

It will serve to hasten the end of the informationally-repressive 
circumstances affecting the Burmese people and land and anyone interested 
in them.

No commercial offers of any kind will be permitted on soc.culture.burma,
though information of the nature of money-saving travel tips will be
allowed as long as they do not constitute any direct offers to sell any
services or merchandise. 


Burma is the largest nation of mainland southeast Asia, and has been in
the throes of a civil war for decades.  Burma is one of the most isolated
countries in the world, and a place where political discussion or, for
that matter, any gathering of more than four people, is forbidden by law. 
The people of Burma have exerted a major influence on several areas
including religion, music, literature and art and philosophy. The
difficulty of accessing information about any of these subjects warrants
the birth of this new group. 

Currently, netnews discussion of Burma is relegated to soc.culture.thai
and bit.listserv.seasia-l.  Posting to the Thai group is inappropriate,
because it is concerned with another nation, and often burdened with Burma
topics that would be better relegated to a news group of its own. 
Creation of soc.culture.burma will enable other netnews users to locate
Burma topics without difficulty.  And as for bit.listserv.seasia-l, the
intention of the group is to provide news about Southeast Asia without the
considerable traffic that ensuing discussion may cause. In this way,
soc.culture.burma will augment these groups, not detract from them. 

The questions raised during the discussion period had to do with the use
of the name .burma as opposed to .myanmar.  The decision to go with .burma
was based on three factors: first, every Burmese respondent to the RFD
supported the group as soc.culture.burma; second, as another poster
pointed out, .burma is much more familiar and therefore practical to
netnews users; and, third, because no one voiced solid objections to 
 .burma.  A few posters asked about the proper use of name, but did not 
object to .burma.

soc.culture.burma, in the finest tradition of the Internet, would
contribute to the free flow of information about this richly fascinating
nation and its people. 


You should send MAIL (posts to a group are invalid) to


Your mail message should contain one and only one of the following

      I vote YES on soc.culture.burma
      I vote NO on soc.culture.burma

You may add a comment, but anything other than a definite statement
involving the group name and "yes", "no", "for", or "against" on a
single line may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.
If you later change your mind you may also use send in an "abstain"
vote in the same manner, using "abstain" in place of "yes" or "no".

You should receive an acknowledgement (via email) of your vote within
one to three days.  Additional CFVs will NOT include mass ACKs, only
ACKs for undeliverable mail.

Standard Guidelines for voting apply:  One vote per person (regardless
of how many accounts you have) and one vote per account (regardless of
how many people use that account).  Votes from system accounts, e.g.
root, postmaster, et al., and votes from anonymous accounts will be
rejected.  100 more YES votes than NO votes and 2/3 of all votes being
YES are the requirements for group creation.
Ed Bailey                | Voice: (512) 471-4198   Fax: (512) 471-6715
Inst. for Fusion Studies | Internet: bailey@{hagar,ziggy}.ph.utexas.edu,
Univ. of Texas at Austin |   u70262@xxxxxxxxxxx, or pnab643@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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