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Hank Brown goes to Burma

Subject: Hank Brown goes to Burma

/* Written 12:09 pm  Dec 12, 1993 by lwirbel@xxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.seasia */
/* ---------- "Hank Brown goes to Burma" ---------- */
December 12, 1993
Note to Burma activists:
    The Denver Post carried a one-paragraph brief on Dec. 10, stating
that Sen. Hank Brown of Colorado had gone to Burma and met with a repre-
sentative of the SLORC.  Brown had been very quiet about his plans to
visit Burma prior to this, and his representative was very cagey about
his reasons for going there - implying a possibility of economic
contacts if human rights conditions improve.  The brief called the
delegation "commercial," and said that two other senators went with
Brown, though it did not name the senators.  Would appreciate any
information anyone has on this trip.
Loring Wirbel