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Who Know New Voice of Burma?

Subject: Who Know New Voice of Burma?

/* Written 10:55 pm  Nov 17, 1992 by hfrederick@xxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.seasia */
/* ---------- "Who Know New Voice of Burma?" ---------- */
Subject: Who Know New Voice of Burma?

If anyone has information, please reply to both this conference
and to the questioner.  (He can't read APC conferences).  Thanks.


Subject:      Democratic Voice of Burma

Hi, Howard.  Have you ever heard of the "Democratic Voice of Burma"?
Apparently they're on daily, using the transmitter facilities of
Radio Norway.  I'm curious if their signal actually reaches the
traget area, and if anyone can evaluate their program content.

I've just gotten a request for aid from them.  If you don't have
any info about this group, could you at least relay my query to
the cdp:reg.seasia group?  Thanks in advance - I don't have access
to Peacenet anymore.

     Bob Horvitz
     email:  antenna@xxxxxxxxxxxxx