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BURMA AI-UK coord online here

Subject: BURMA AI-UK coord online here

/* Written  8:38 pm  Jul  4, 1992 by timevans@xxxxxxxxxx in igc:ai.general */
/* ---------- "BURMA AI-UK coord online here" ---------- */

You can send information to the Amnesty International British
Section Country Co-ordinator for Burma (Myanmar) via this
GreenNet mailbox. She is Julia Powell of the Islington and
Hackney Group.

I check the human rights conferences on GreenNet regularly. I
would be grateful to have forwarded anything I might miss, either
because it appears on an unexpected conference or because Burma
is not mentioned in the Subject line. I cannot access GeoNet or
other networks directly and would be grateful for items from them.

Please network this message if you can. I am posting it to GeoNet
GEO:HUMAN-RIGHTS via UUCP: if you can move it to any other
network, please do.

(Amnesty International Country Co-ordinators are members who
undertake to provide information support to Amnesty members and
groups working on a particular country. They do NOT decide what
cases or issues AI takes up, but you can improve the quality of
AI's work on those cases/issues by supporting the country co-

Tim Evans